We cover all things city life with a sustainable twist. restaurant features, local shops, seasonal recipes, dinner party tips, and tricks, you name it.


We want contributors to let their city shine and encourage perspectives that help nurture our cities to collectively support growing into a more sustainable place. We desire our readers to be inspired, engaged, and interested so an unexpected angle to a topic is always preferred.


Thank you for your interest in contributing your work to Baguette & Butter. We are a sustainable food education platform that supports city dwellers to keep their bustling lifestyles while being more sustainable in the kitchen and out on the town.


Baguette & Butterpublishes blog content monthly and releases our Seasonal Field Guide quarterly, digitally and in print. Blog content supports the lifestyles of city dwellers, including the unique places and events that make each city its own.


Our Field Guide focuses on seasonality of produce and our capsule menu, which is used as a tool for city dwellers to learn to cook more sustainably and seasonally with chef made recipes. 


Qualification for contributors is based on writing that is lively, inspiring, elegant and informative. Potential contributors should submit:

  • Writing samples, preferably food or sustainability related

  • A brief biography including the city that you are dwelling in and what inspires you to write about food & sustainability in your city

  • A list of topics you would like to write about along with a brief description of the article and the approach you'd take writing it.

Recipes are also encouraged but must be carefully tested. If passages are quoted from published material, permission must be obtained and properly cited. We assign stories 4-6 weeks in advance. If you would like to be considered for assignments, please let us know.


Our editing process takes a hands-on approach, we may edit and structure the story to align with our editorial guidelines and style.


If you are interested in writing for Baguette & Butter email us at contribute@baguetteandbutter.com.




At Baguette & Butter, we all love a good photo of food, the city and more. We are always looking to work with talented photographers and illustrators. Connect with us by sending an email to contribute@baguetteandbutter.com


Please include examples of your work, a link to your website or social page, subjects of interests, and standard rates and travel availability. 



Blog articles are kept at 250-500 words while Field Guide articles range from 1,000-2,000 words. Subjects include but are not limited to sustainability, cooking, eating out sustainably, restaurant spotlights, local companies, events, gardening, preserving, ingredient highlights, recipes, and more.


If you have further questions please reach out to hello@baguetteandbutter.com


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