bike-a-bee honey //

Bike a Bee is an urban beekeeping project with about 50 hives on the south side of Chicago. Most of our hives are placed in community gardens, schools, urban farms, and other shared, visible spaces. We believe having bees where people can see them enriches the community’s understanding of bees and the natural systems around them; children, teens, and adults learn through observation and coexistence that bees are our friends, not our enemies! 

We also believe that having a car is not necessary to be a productive beekeeping project. We bike to our hives for weekly inspections, equipment delivery, and honey harvest. By going by bicycle, we are able to slow down and better observe what is growing around us, wave to neighbors, and get in some good exercise.​

Our honey is the byproduct of healthy hives, loving community spaces, and the bounty of Chicago summers! We bottle our honey according to which garden it’s from, so when you see us at the market or in the store, pay attention to the label! Each neighborhood tastes slightly different from the next, but all Chicago honey is transcendently delicious. We take great pride in making the finest neighborhood-specific honey in Chicago: Our honey is never heated, micro-filtered, or mixed with any fillers, flavors, or anything. We take it straight from the comb, filter out the big wax bits, and put it into reusable canning-style glass jars.